World gaming federation

Alpha Republic of ESport is an international project without any common comparison, the project began in partnership with World Gaming Federation.

Supported by famous artists and football stars, the projects focuses on 6 of the most famous games in the world, aiming to promote tomorrow's esport talents.

Step 1 : ARES Squad

On each game, worldwide qualifications will happen in order to detect the best players who will get the opportunity to integrate one of the 6 ARES teams. Each team will play under the name of two ambassadors supporting their performances.

To get a chance to enter an ARES Team and participate in tournaments, you need to follow all these steps:

  • STEP 1: Register on WGF.GG by creating an account
  • STEP 2: Join ARES Organisation by clicking on "Become member 12€" -> This is an annual member fee to get access to all tournaments and specific contents.
  • STEP 3: Join tournaments and have fun

Every player can only enter a qualification in his geographical region.

key infos

You need to to join the organization

The membership program is reserved to WGF members