World Gaming Federation

Our quest

Through World Gaming Federation we aim to create the world greatest video games community.

  • Games

    Together, let’s create the biggest video games database. Add games to your collection and prepare yourself to challenge your friends.

  • Players

    We wish to bring you together around a complete experience on your favorite games: events, tournaments, video content and personalized recommandations. PC, console, mobile… Everyone will find his interets!

  • Events & Tournaments

    Reveal and offer visibility to all kind of gaming events and E-sport tournaments is one of WGF's priorities. Follow and participate in the best events on your favorites games near you!

  • Organizations

    We gather the main international organizations in order to propose the best events. Follow their latests news and engage yourself along them.


Games Collection

Recreate and share your virtual video games collection. From FPS to MOBA, we gather the best contents: Live video, gameplay, screenshots and upcoming events and tournaments !

Picture in Picture

Your video game experience won't ever be the same! Youtube, Twitch, Dailymotion... All your favorite videos included in one video player! Browse through WGF platform while watching your video without interruption.

They trust us

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Join World Gaming Federation and level up video games with us.

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